Chronological lists

How did the lists come about?

1999, Brazil. I (Conny) and a team in the IEL in Sao Paulo (belongs to IFFEC) started the exciting attempt to tell the Bible as a large sequel. We agreed to share the unfamiliar stories of the Bible with the children. That was a real challenge. We learned most of it ourselves. What a fascinating book the Bible is!

Over time the stories acumulated and they had to be sorted. So Johannes created a chronological list for the OT, NT1 (life of Jesus) and NT2 (first Christians). The resulting numeration of stories proved helpfull and we are still working with it today. Later we translated the lists from Portuguese into German and English.

This numbering is the basis of this website to provide material for the lessons.

The Lists

Hier are the lists in english with corresponding Bible passages as PDF:

Here they are in Portuguese

We have all of them here in German