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Jesus stillt den Sturm

Vorschlag zum Erzählen der bibl. Geschichte mit einer Wasserflasche Text: Lukas 8:22-25 (MT 8:18,23-27, Mk.4:35-41)   Methode: Erzählen mit Alltagsgegenständen in dem …


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21 Miram brings her mum
22 Moses gets to stay with his mum
23 Moses is brought to the palace

Pictures Moses is born

Some Pictures for the story of Moses: in colors   Figures made by Wiebke Klement with with help from Alina and Damaris …

Pictures of Paul and Silas in jail

Some Pictures for the story: in colors These pictures by Tanja (and Wiebke) Klement are under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported …

The story of the birth of Moses

You find this story in Exodus 1 to 2,10 Exodus 1 read on Biblia online: [iframe class=”framezoom” src=”″ width=”100%” height=”450px” scrolling=”yes”] Exodus 2 …